anime episode guide

Here's where my episode guide I worked on will go. Ok, yeah, only two episodes right now. But I haven't watched it in a while, so that's as far as I got. One day, I'll watch it all again, and actually finish this.

Anyhoo, for each episode, there will be a mild, spoiler-free paragraph. However, for those that want the full list of what happens, there's a link to a spoiler guide as well. Granted, several of the episodes, espically the first ones, aren't really spoiler-rific. But towards the end, you really want to avoid spoilers!! (voice of experience!) I've also got a little Random Thoughts thing going on. They're vaguely amusing, and rated PG-13 simply because I do have a bit of a dirty mind! ^_^;; But if you've seen the episode and want something to kill time with, you can read through them. *shrugs*

Episode 1: The $$60,000,000,000,000 Man
Millie and Meryl show up at a bar looking for Vash the Stampede. The rumor and description take them to Felnarl, where a blonde guy in a red coat is being hunted down by a giant (Descartes). Descartes thinks the blonde man is Vash, and the Insurence Girls think Descartes is. Another bounty hunter by the name of Ruth Loose shows up, and a gunfight ensues. The Insurence Girls and the blonde manage to escape, but the Insurence Girls go back to do their job, which is to find Vash the Stampede and put him under 24-hour survellience.
Episode 2: Truth of Mistake
Millie and Meryl end up in a ghost town, still looking for Vash the Stampede. The town is deserted because the water level dropped to low, and now the one that controls the water just hired Vash the Stampede for a bodyguard. They discover the bodyguard is actually the blonde goofball from the first episode who Schezar has dubbed 'Vash the Stampede', but stick around to see if the real one will show up.