site history

For the very curious, here's a little background into this site. Well, the layouts anyways. ^_^

Version 1! With a cool pic of Vash and very limited info. This was the Angelfire version, actually. It lasted for almost a year both at Angelfire and Tripod.

To celebrate moving to my own domain, I decided to go with a totally different look. I'm actually kinda proud of this one. It took me quite a while to fix those frames up!!

desert eyes blue. OK, not very original name. I was inspired by the Splash image, which just seemed to go with the quote. Granted, the main background image doesn't exactly go with it, but hey! I like that picture of Vash! :P

deTan. I was just kinda playing around and came up with it, and I rather like it. Don't get me wrong, I loved the blue version! But this one's a bit easier on the eyes.

Version 5 Beta : Simple. Yeah, weird name. Hey, fith layout, gotta do something different, right? ^_^; I just wanted something simple and easy on the eyes. I wasn't to awfully happy with the title image at first, but it's growing on me slowly.

Version 6: The Thin White Line. I can't for the life of me remember what my inspiration was for this. But I like it. Although, I've been informed that the background shows up as an almost puke green on some video cards. o.@ It's supposed to be a very dark tannish color, so if you're getting a weird green, might want to calibrate your video card.

Version 7: Window to the Soul. Started as the enter image, which was a random accident while I was trying for something else. I rather liked how it came out and since the previous layout was rather odd on a lot of people's monitors, I switched to this one.

Version 8: Last Call. Made from the same image as the first layout, only reversed, and featuring Douglas Adams' famous farewell quote, this is sortta my 'farewell' to everyone. Originally done with a different version of Vash, I thought it would be a good idea to use the same one from the first layout.