Hidey ho, and welcome to my little Trigun shrine! While a majority of this site is centered around the anime, now that I'm able to get the manga, I'll be putting some tidbits of info about that up as well. This site has been around for a couple years, and has mostly been an image gallery. However, I've got a rather large collection of wallpapers (in Omake), as well as various other computer 'skins'. I'm also working on building up a fandom section, so if you write or draw Trigun-related works and want to see them up on the web, let me know! ^_^;

Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy your visit here! Let me know if there's anything you're looking for or if you have trouble with this site. If you feel the urge to contribute something *great big puppy dog eyes*, my email address is in the sitely section under contact. Have fun!

One thing you might want to take notice of: many links open in new windows. Basicly, any outside link will open in a new window. However, the way I have it set up is that they should all open in the same window. So, if you just leave the first one open, the rest will open in it. This is so that you can check out an external link, but at the same time keep this site open if you want to come back to it. Don't know how many people would care, but you have that option. ^_^; I've mentioned this fact in several other pages, but I may have forgotten a place or two, so this is a little FYI about surfing this site.

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